Bluejudy is a layer on the Worldcoin network for new coins that foster creativity and promote social good.

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Thanks to everyone who took part! The original burn period is now over. ( It may reopen in line with demand ) You burned over 14 Thousand Worldcoins!
You can check the final balance here.
XBJ has never traded on Poloniex.

Why Bluejudy?

Bitcoin-based Counterparty is a fantastic system for serious crypto-finance, but for smaller value transactions, when it comes to placing orders, creating assets, and generally taking care of business WDC brings some great advantages to the party.

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What Can I Do with Bluejudy?

A lot, actually. Making your own token on Bluejudy means you can have your own asset to distribute, while still supporting the Worldcoin network and community. Raise funds in WDC, and reward your supporters with a custom coin that can be tailored to your needs, without needing your own blockchain!

The Bluejudy Team


What is XBJ?

What is XBJ?
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XBJ is fuel for the Bluejudy rocket. Buy the fuel with your WDC during the burn period. With XBJ you can issue your own custom tokens for e-tickets, reward points, game currencies & so on.

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